Friday, January 06, 2006

Howard Stern is coming...

Damn, I am so psyched...Next Monday the revolution begins...

I'm actually quite surprised by how much I like Sirius so far and Howard isn't even broadcasting yet. I figured I'd just listen to his channel and that's it but I actually listen to about 15 different channels regularly.

Speaking of satellite radio, I saw Chris from FMHg post on MMS about how XM "won't touch" their music. Perhaps it's because *changes voice to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog* "it sucks".

Additionally, Noodles had this to say on SZT regarding radio and local musicians being spun:

"Local music shows are a complete misrepresentation of the local scene. If you don't fit the format (like those of us who play in metal bands), then you don't get represented. Basicly, they're not looking for new music, but bands that fit into the existing view of what music should be. "

*shakes head and laughs*

do I even need to explain the idiocy of this post? I suppose to the 2-3 readers of this blog I should but I'm too lazy. Figure it out yourselves.

Happy New Year everyone!


Monday, December 12, 2005

funny email (actually, it's a follow up email to his Garageband post from last week):

Hey MMS,

We're pleased to announce that we now have three award winning songs on For the second week in a row, Accept Goodbye (five stars out of five) has received two awards based on reviewer feedback. Sweet Release (4.6 stars out of 5) has won its first round of awards as it climbs the charts:

Accept Goodbye:
Best Production in Rock, week of 12Dec2005
Feel Good Track in Rock, week of 12Dec2005

Sweet Release:
Best Bass in Rock, week of 12Dec2005
Best Melody in Rock, week of 12Dec2005

This is the second week in a row that Accept Goodbye has won best production, so we feel it necessary to give props to Chris Bentley from The Bunker recording studio in Baltimore for capturing our sound so well. Bask in his glory at:

Check us out at as we pound the hell out of that site on behalf of the metro area music scene.

Rockwell Jones

anyone that boasts about the success they have on Garageband to a large group of people (like MMS) is extremely ghey. Keep in mind they are in the first round of judging. It's not like they're on a Garabeband comp CD, something that might be noteworthy.

I think GONE MISSING actually did the same thing at one time. It just shows other people how incredibly small time you really are. Sure, go ahead and tell your parents as they may be proud of you but don't think you're "pounding the hell out of that site" by any means.


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

oh my

from Gavin "Hipster Cocksucker" TAO on HAH:

"So I also posted this on metromusicscene, but this is a more intimate crowd - TAO is considering licensing (to possibly get some attention) and we need to sign up with ASCAP or BMI (those are my preferred choices). First, which does anyone suggest? Second, what would be the major downsides to signing up with ASCAP or BMI? And lastly, is this a really stupid idea?"


Thursday, November 10, 2005

walk 10 paces and turn

from SZT-

Sheriff said:


Like I've said before, if you want to bash people start your own board or blog, be just like MeLikeyRock, be part of the problem instead of the solution. "

Looks like there's a new Sheriff in this here taaown. F you Mr. Sheriff. I am not the problem, I am the answer that you've all been waiting for. I tell it like it is. The way I and everyone else wants to hear it. The comical way. Hey Sheriff, have you ever laughed at anything I've written? Of course you have. Why? Because I am witty, clever, funny, cunning, wonderful, charming, and quite modest.

All of you that give me crap are the same ones that read this blog and laugh while you're trying to fill your otherwise monotonous, boring lives. I bring joy to the masses!

I am the solution!


love always,


Friday, November 04, 2005

you no rike K-Fed?

I took great joy in reading this:

I would imagine the haters would agree that they dislike "K-Fed" even moreso than myself

"My prediction is that y'all gonna hate on the style we create, straight 2008," he raps on the track.

word to yo' mutha

Friday, October 28, 2005

me no rikey

so it looks like a revamping of SZT is in order? No more static section? No more Meade posts? No more stupidity running rampant? What will everyone (especially the federal employees) do with themselves with their newfound free time?

Trying to remodel SZT into a respectable resource is like turning Abu Ghraib prison into a Vegas casino. It ain't gonna happen. Despite whatever content is put up there, it will forever resemble the belly of Freddy Kreuger. The scars won't disappear. They won't even fade away.

The admins want a respectable music related internet resource for NOVA? Get a new domain.

I'm so brilliant.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

you rike spanky?

looks like Kel has the SZT chimp boys in a spank off war-which is extremely bizarre to me considering how she looks. I did some investigating and she has a myspace account where she has a bunch of slutty pictures and then says that she doesn't put them up for attention. uh...sure.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

me no rikey no name

Because most of you fucking morons can't follow simple instructions of using, at a very minimum, a pseudonym, I've made it so you have register to post your retarded thoughts. Not to fear, you register through, not me-so I won't know your identity (unless you are man enough to reveal it)

not too much longer for Howard to go to Sirius.

if thinking about a band name, please eliminate all names that have the words "project" or "prophecy" in them.

thank you


Monday, October 24, 2005

the end is near?

this blog is over. sorry to my many fans. I love you all!

Friday, October 14, 2005

pharmacy prophets evaluation

holding true to thy name, here is an evaluation of the pharmacy prophets as heard on myspace:
**this is the first time I had heard anything by this band

Black Heart-did not find anything redeeming about this song. Painful to listen to.

Lightening-good instrumentation and a catchy Zepplinesque guitar riff combined with moments of Lenny Kravitz. Very nice guitar solo. Vocal melody took away from the song as it was somewhat banal-not bad, just bland. If the vocal melody was changed to something more driving, this would be a good song.

Century-Very much a Big Head Todd/Stone Roses (Love spreads riff was quite apparent) influence with this song. I thought is was the strongest out of the bunch. Nice song.

Tired Boy-again, I hear a Big Head Todd influence. Vocals were odd in that sometimes they drifted into the "Richard Marx" tone but other times they were stronger (gritty Richard Marx). Good instrumentation.

Castor seems to have a decent voice but I think it would benefit his band if he wailed a bit more. I don't mean scream, just push his voice harder to cut through with more emotion. There are moments of greatness but it is not consistent.

that is all

-Rolling Stone

Thursday, October 13, 2005

delete a da thead

I don't make it a habit of deleting threads (outside of my normal spring creaning) but sometimes you all are as annoying as a back zit that just won't pop.

more topics to follow the meantime, please feel free to discuss the fascinating Metro Music Scene discussion regarding if age is important in bands.

love always,


Monday, October 03, 2005

AMS geeks

I find it so ghey how the AMS boys club just love to spank eachother's monkeys. one of them will email the entire AMS group and the 3-5 other boy clubbers will inevitably chime in with some lame joke, prompting the other clubbers to throw in 2 more cents of bad jokes-all the while, hitting "respond to all" instead of just their little group of douches.

just shut the hell up already

thank you

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

holy crap this is entertaining

strong words from the bald one regarding JPE:

Wow, you make a perfect arguement...against yourself. Do you realize that this is the way everyone hear feels like you? You're so deluded about every single aspect of your life. Let's go down the list, shall we?
1. Your wife left you because you treated her like shit. Josh and I saw it.
2. You absolutely and totally SUCK as a singer. Is key a concept that you know as much about as you do about government? Obviously, since you are really good at singing outside of it.
3. You wrote a song about a fucking shotgun. Dude, not only do you lyrics suck, but you need some serious therapy if you're writing love ballads to a shotgun.
4. The military is glad you're gone. You're exactly the kind of gung-ho cowboy that gets people killed. I would not have wanted to share a foxhole with you, and you were a fucking 71L!!! Admin assistant, you weren't infantry, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Go away and leave us alone, because now you don't even have a band to promote, until you find the next group of deluded musicians to put up with your antics for a few months before they want to kill you. Oh, and before you go off all half cocked about how you're gonna tear me to pieces the next time you see me, just think about what kind of lawyer I can afford on a salary like mine. Bro.


psycho boy (4 posts from the bottom)

lascivial said:
the final chapter in this sordid tale was written this weekend. this guy shows up at my DOOR, and starts talking shit. as it turns out, sevenzerothree's very own Kix/Cara gave him my home address. when i confronted her about it, she adamantly denied it until i told her i had proof. so what we've learned today: 1. always delete your sent items if you don't want to be found out. 2. Kix/Cara is a sad excuse for a human being and is not to be trusted, ever.

this is why I remain anonymous.

take care of eachother....and yourselves


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm fascinating!

People are so fascinated with me that, not only have I generated a 3 page string on SZT, but 1000 people have viewed it.

I feel so fortunate to be loved by so many. To all of my adoring fans I say, "thank you".

Maybe I can post on AMS asking for people to view the string and raise my number even moreso. Similar to the lemmings that ask for people to download their songs on the Washington Post's mp3 site (for whatever reason-still haven't figured that out) to make them '#1'.

thank you all again

Friday, September 16, 2005

It's Spring Creaning Again! Werr...Farr Creaning

Yes folks, it's that time of year again. I actually saw that Lascivial was getting email threats and as much as I make fun of the guy for being stupid, even I don't think he deserves that kind of crap (see how philanthropic I can be?), so it's best to wipe the slate clean.

I'm so wonderful, even I amaze myself.

So flame away dipshits, but keep it clean. No biting or punches below the belt.

and by the way, it's hasn't been meLikeyrock for quite some time. I changed it 'Ditty' style a while back..............

thank you for your understanding,